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his philosophy is best exemplified in clients’ managed portfolios.


The principal investment philosophy at nePara Group, Inc. is based upon the wide breadth of experience of acquiring equity in quality companies, both domestic and abroad, to create and preserve long term multi-generational wealth. This philosophy is best exemplified in clients’ managed portfolios. But since value and growth stocks have alternated leadership with no clear signal of when one style will give way to the other, we have employed diversified portfolios based on stated objectives, inflation risk, and longevity risk.

At nePara we believe one of the best approaches to investing is to avoid trying to outguess the market or identify the hottest investment managers or products. Alternatively, we choose to focus on seeking opportunities within the markets’ fluctuations. Sometimes even sophisticated investors can’t resist trying to time the stock market, particularly during periods of volatility. This impulse is entirely understandable, but the fact is that trying to time the markets can be hazardous to your wealth. Our experience has convinced us that in the short-term markets move in ultimately unpredictable ways, and that the penalty for attempting to systematically time them can be severe. Your personalized, diversified portfolio of quality investment vehicles puts you in position to potentially capitalize on the markets’ historical tendency to outpace inflation and can help you maintain your purchasing power over the long haul.

Our philosophy also includes the following:

  • The systematic review of each of each investment within the portfolio to retain the desired risk level and return potential.
  • Managing each portfolio with attention to its tax status and purpose
  • Collaboration with other professional advisors, if desired by the client, to develop a wealth management plan for each investment and for the entire family portfolio.
  • Continuous monitoring of all investments
  • Making adjustments to the financial plan whenever objectives or needs change

We advise that every client allocates investments among sectors and asset classes that have the potential to outperform overall. This is why the bulk of our clients’ assets are in equity investments that include U.S. growth and value, international growth and value, and emerging-markets stocks*. Short to long term treasuries and investment grade corporate bonds may also be added where appropriate. We have built the experience and capabilities in all of these areas because a portfolio diversified with imperfectly correlating assets is the best way we know of to reduce the variability of near-term results, to preserve capital, and to seek comparable to competitive returns over the long term.

*Investing in foreign securities involve special additional risks.  These risks include, but are not limited to, currency risk, political risk, and risk associated with varying account standards.  Investing in emerging markets may accentuate these risks. Diversification does not ensure a profit or protect against a loss. Stock investing involves risk including loss of principal. No strategy assures success or protects against loss.

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