Q. Is nePara Group, Inc. a stock brokerage, a money management or a financial planning organization?

A. nePara Group, Inc. is a wealth management firm offering access to asset management services to individual investors.  Regularly scheduled meetings with your advisor provide the investor with an insight on their retirement investments.


Q. Who do you work for?

A. The short answer is: we work for you. The long answer is: we work for you. As an independent financial firm, there are never any third-party agendas at work.


Q. What do you ask of your clients?

A. First and foremost, we work hard to help our clients develop a sense of confidence in their wealth as well as a sense of ownership in their plans.


Q. What information will I need to provide?

A. This depends on the questions you want us to address and how you want us to help you. You can’t give us too much information. We particularly want to know about your personal goals, values, concerns, and past experiences. In most cases, we’ll want to see tax returns, wills and estate plans, business agreements, insurance documents, investment and bank statements, employee benefit statements, pay stubs and other documents you think might be relevant.


Q. Can you be consulted on issues other than my portfolio?

A. Yes. We consult with clients on a broad range of issues and work with a close network of professionals if referrals are necessary. Please don’t hesitate to consult us on an issue which might seem to fall outside of your wealth management strategy.


Q. How are you paid?

A. We prefer to provide fee-only services. Fees for continuous investment management are based on a percent of assets managed. Contact us for more information.


Q. Where are my assets kept?

A. We are supported by LPL Financial which acts as custodian for our client’s accounts. While this does allow for the safekeeping of assets, there is no loyalty to any brand or manager. In some situations, where more appropriate, assets may be held directly with a mutual fund company such as Oppenheimer or American Funds.


Q. How frequently can I expect client/firm communication?

A. All of our clients receive monthly account statements from the custodian. Confirmations of all transactions are mailed within 3 business days directly to your address of record. You will also receive annual reports and proxy statements for each position you hold. In addition, you will receive year-end tax reporting (1099’s and 5498’s) forms.

We are happy to meet with our clients for periodic reviews of their portfolios, however, since this is a client-specific topic, we urge you to contact your nePara representative to schedule an appointment that meets your lifestyle.

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